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Mobile Phones & Tablets Software

Monfort has developed a wide range of applications and solutions for device providers and mobile operators worldwide.  We acquired extensive experience in developing real-time 2D and 3D graphical engines and applications running on mobile, hand-held devices, using a wide variety of platforms and technologies. Our applications and technology are used by some of the leading Japanese mobile operators and hand-held device manufacturers, meeting the highest quality and usability standards in the industry.  Monfort’s experience in the field of embedded software development spans from development of simple OS-less solutions on 8bit processors to highly complex applications running under real-time OS environments such as VxWorks and Linux

Sample Mobile Developments:

  • App development: For all known device platforms, including: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Qualcomm BREW, J2ME, MIDP and DoJa.
  • Cross platform development: Using QT and QT-Quick.
  • Navigation – Terrain navigator: Developed a terrain navigation solution for iPhone utilizing a web-service in conjunction with on-device GPS receiver.
  • Navigation – Point of interest finder: Developed a point of interest / location management software for Pioneer GPS running on Symbian and Blackberry.
  • Online newspaper viewer: iPhone/iPad online newspaper viewer, including an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG). Additional implementation for Qualcomm BREW MP, Softbank Java (MIDP), DoCoMo Doja, Windows Mobile and Android.

Sample Solutions for Real-time graphics & Animation

  • Software implementation of graphic library standards such as OpenGL/ES and SVG, with implementations passing the Khronos Conformance Tests.
  • Near photorealistic interactive real-time polygonal software rendering engines.
  • Low level optimization of rasterization algorithms for various hardware architectures including SH4, FRV, ARM and X86.
  • Lightweight fixed/floating-point 3D engines for embedded platforms.
  • Many UI concepts and applications for mobile devices featuring advanced UI effects such as animated navigators, applications launchers, and media content browsers, written in C / C++ for Windows Mobile, Brew, Symbian and Linux.
  • Effects for Nokia N95 and T-Mobile G1 (Android) that use the built-in accelerometer sensor to display several types of animations and effects based on that input.
  • UI for BREW based gaming console showing 3d stage based on Qualcomm QXengine and OpenGL-ES
  • A complete platform independent SDK for developing 2D and 3D interfaces with special effects (with and without H/W acceleration)