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Cloud Storage & Database Systems

Cloud computing is a development concept in which services and storage are provided over the Internet, or “cloud”.  This enables businesses to save costs on infrastructure, IT and system operations.  Monfort has developed and deployed large scalable cloud based solutions on a variety of platforms and services, such as storage, databases, redundancy and caches.

Additional Sample Solutions for Cloud & Database Systems:

  • Highly specialized in open source server and cloud monitoring solutions.
  • Development from scratch, answering highly specific deployment and customization requirements.
  • Design of relational database schema for complex systems.
  • Development of object oriented data access layers.
  • Development of database in-memory caches for use by web applications.
  • Scalable and redundant web application development in J2EE and JSP.
  • Linux server deployment and development of maintenance and monitoring facilities.
  • Development of scalable media transcoding and analysis solutions.
  • MVC Single-page web design, and responsive responsive JavaScript web applications.
  • Scalable storage solutions for huge amounts of data and mechanisms for serving the data over the web.
  • Highly specialized in Oracle & SQL server database solutions.
  • SQL server, SQLite solutions for embedded systems.
  • Experienced with Embarcadero, SQL developer for Oracle, and many more database development and monitoring tools.
  • Created an automated billing systems for a company developing solution for car  parking, completely encapsulated in SQL server, using C# managed stored procedures.

Case Studies - Cloud

Case study: Mecanto

Mecanto, a Monfort spinoff startup
The dropbox for music, syncing personal and mobile music over the cloud, including playlists and integration to youtube.

The challenge:
Storage of hundreds of TB of media files, indexing of media and streaming files, encoding, transcoding of files.

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Case study: Redis Labs

The Client:
Redis labs (formerly Garantia data), a startup specializing in solutions for Redis storage.

The Challenge:
Customer requested a solution for a UI that their clients will user to purchase, and connect with to their databases.

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