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Medical Devices and Tele-Medicine

Medical solutions need to be reliable, bug-free, and meeting strict regulatory standards and quality criteria.  The integration of medical devices and software solutions is essential for improved workflow, accessibility, and control of the devices.  Monfort acquired vast experience in the Medical software industry, developing a wide range of applications for intrusive and non-intrusive medical devices, employing a variety of technologies.  We have the unique capability to interface with a wide range of medical device hardware, creating user interface and connectivity solutions – these require proprietary hardware interface solutions.  Our solutions adhere to medical industry standards such as FDA, HIPAA, CE and others.

Sample Solutions for Medical Devices and Telemedicine:

Neuromodulator configuration:  A system for configuration of a neural stimulation device, for individuals with special needs resulting from neurological impairments.  Monfort developed the solution initially for PDAs, yet with full portability support to modern mobile devices.  Developed for Windows Mobile – embedded software for AMTEL micro-controller, based on .NET Compact Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition.

  • HRS – ECG acquiring: Including sampling from Sound Card, demodulation and noise filtering algorithms, and management of a sophisticated information system, including real-time device management, patience management system based on Oracle DB, the solution includes a comprehensive, modern user interface.
  • MPM – Client Server solution: Multi Parameter Monitoring (MPM) and patient management system provide call centers with unmeasured capabilities in long-term monitoring of parameters such as: Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight, SPo2, Spirometry. Based on Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Palm Pilot ECG Manager: A real-time medical system based on Palm Pilot powered devices that record, processes and display ECG data.  It includes dynamic graphics and real-time communication protocol.

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