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Consulting Services

Software Consulting

Monfort offers software consulting services including business analysis, system architecture, and technological feasibility. Our process includes evaluation of the business case and technological need, and advising of the most suitable implementation. This allows our customers to make the right decisions from the start, building a sound foundation for their development process.  We provide an entire consulting suite, from requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, through system design. We follow SCRUM, an Agile development methodology, allowing delivery of a flexible and adaptive software experience.

Technological Due Diligence

We offer technological due diligence reviews prior to investments, and mergers.  The service is provided to investors such VCs, Incubators, the OCS (the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist), as well as multinational initiating M&As.

We will evaluate the technological feasibility and risk associated with aspiring ventures, and the technological robustness of existing companies.