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Case Studies - Cloud

Case study: Redis Labs

The Client:
Redis labs (formerly Garantia data), a startup specializing in solutions for Redis storage.

The Challenge:
Customer requested a solution for a UI that their clients will user to purchase, and connect with to their databases.

Cloud based communications, with a complex array of communications between databases. Required to create a solution supporting tens of thousands of distributed, in memory databases, while allowing extremely high bandwidth, in the range of hundreds of thousands of TPS per database.
The transaction monitor had to provide interactive statistics on the DB activities.

The process:
Redis labs developed the cloud DB management system, and Monfort developed the service manager and clients interface. Later on Monfort was involved in developing the core database technologies, adhering to sub millisecond latency requirements.

Monfort developed an integration for cloud database solutions into PaaS platforms., and integration of cloud services / SaaS solutions into PaaS platforms. For example:
Redis, MemCacheD integration into: Heroku, MS Azure, Openshift (RedHat), Cloud Foundry, AppFog, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, IBM softlayer.
A highly scalable solution, dozens of data centers, spanning hundreds of servers, across multiple continents, with an aggregate throughput of millions of TPS. Monfort created an implementation with a highly capable automated monitoring solution.