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About Us

Monfort Software engineering solutions was founded in 1997 by Amram Racabi, a senior electrical engineer, Technion graduate. Located in the scenery of Israel’s Western Galilee, Monfort offers the highest level of innovative solutions, for the most demanding customers. Our experience spans a wide range of fields: Cloud computing, big data, large-scale databases, Mobile, Tele-Health, embedded systems, networking, communications, IT systems, and high performance graphic applications.

We offer a complete suite of software outsourcing services, from technological feasibility assessment, project analysis, development, testing, integration to product maintenance and support. Our team can either be integrated into your company to seamlessly boost key activities, or the project can be fully outsourced, allowing valuable focus for your company.
We take high pride in our team – a hand-picked, elite group of highly experienced, brilliant and dedicated software development professionals.
Monfort’s emphasis on professionalism, quality, reliability, precision, and timelines, has repeatedly led us to creating outstanding value for our customers, creating an expanding base of loyal clients. Our uncompromising reputation for quality led Monfort to a strong presence in Japan, achieving the Israeli “exporter of the year” award.

Monfort’s clients include established companies as well as startups, including: HP, GE Healthcare, Galileo (now a Marvell company), Bioness, Yappa, Emblaze, Aerotel Medical Systems, Alvarion, VCON, DSPG, Go Networks, Redis Labs and a current technological startups.

The Team

Our team is a hand-picked, elite group of highly experienced, brilliant and dedicated software development professionals. We seek not only the most brilliant engineers, but team players with personal qualities that fit Monfort’s central values of precision, quality and timeliness.  Our employees are seasoned professionals, having the capability, and flexibility to answer a wide range of technological challenges.  Many of them are true born “hackers”, developing advanced graphic animation software while still in grade school. We believe in a long term relationship with our employees, providing an environment that promotes creativity, deep learning, coping with ongoing technical challenges, encouraging both personal and professional growth.


Amram Racabi, founder and CEO



Amram brings close to 30 years of software engineering experience, repeatedly creating innovative solutions at the organizations he partnered with.  Prior to co-foundi

Vision – Mission – Values


Our vision is to maintain and develop our leadership position and reputation of providing the highest quality software outsourcing solutions for the most unique and specialized technological challenges, bringing excellent value to our customers.  We will enhance our specialty in providing solutions requiring challenging interfaces, integration and operation under unique constraints.


Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations, delivering outstanding products, under short development times, with emphasis on quality, reliability and precision, being on time to market, at the right price.  We establish an in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs, creating a highly efficient, best practices solution.  We put great emphasis on a deep understanding, engagement and technical expertise of each of our employees with the projects they are involved with.


  • Work closely with our clients, establishing an in-depth understanding of their needs. For every project, we create a dedicated team, with the right professional skills.
  • Deliver on time, with the highest quality, performance, scalability, reliability and precision.  We will meet your unique constraints, delivering on time to market.
  • Respect and serve our client’s demand for ongoing product evolution.
  • Offer the capability to answer the most specialized technological needs.
  • Create a highly maintainable and reusable software solutions.
  • Our pride is our employees – We employ an elite team meeting the highest level of professional and personal criteria.
  • Monfort values creating an environment nurturing excellence, continuous improvement, and promoting personal and professional growth.

Major Clients

For over 17 years, Monfort has served a wide range of clients around the world, from various technological fields, such as Mobile Network Operators, Mobile device manufacturers, Communications & Semi-Conductor technology companies, Medical Devices manufacturers, Software vendors, and others.  We collaborate with companies in varied growth stages – from early stage startups to established multinationals.

What all of our clients have in common is a unique technological challenge, often a key element in their product, requiring a highly skilled solution provider.  We take great pride in our capability to meet these challenges, and seeing how our services contributed to our customer’s success.  We believe in a long lasting partnership, often starting when clients were aspiring ventures, continuing through their growth stages, including M&As.

Our customer portfolio includes: HP, GE Healthcare, Galileo (now a Marvell company), Bioness, Redis Labs, Yappa, Emblaze, Aerotel Medical Systems, Alvarion, VCON, DSPG, Go Networks, and a current technological startups.

Career Opportunities

We are expanding our team and looking for talented software developers.

Join us if you:

  • Have at least 2 years of experience in one or more of the following: C,C++, JAVA, Linux, RT embedded, web application development.
  • Have B.Sc. or B.A in Computer science or similar fields – an advantage.

Our headquarter is located near Nahariyya

Please send your CV to