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Case study: Aerotel medical systems, call center for processing ECG measurements

Aerotel develops personalized ECG systems, which transmit results to a call center for interpretation.

The challenge:
Aerotel ECG embedded devices transmitting either digital or analogue signals, which needed to be sent over the internet or landline telephone and saved in a remote database. Solution had to be deployed internationally – the customers using the ECG devices were located in various sites, in different countries. Multiple call centers, in multiple international locations had to be supported as well, thus requiring setting up a network of connected devices, pairing them to the relevant call center.

The solution:
Monfort’s developed a system which received the digital / analogue signals from the Aerotel devices, saving them into a remote Oracle DB.

The process:
Required developing a highly specific solution to interface with the communication hardware, and protocols of the Aerotel devices. Required strict adherence to FDA, CE protocols, and stricts documentation requirement.

A highly successful, globally deployed, innovative solution, creating one of the world’s first online ECG interpretation call centers.