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Who we are


What we do


Why us

Monfort - Software Engineering has been offering software development services since 1997.Our experience spans over a wide  range  of technologies  and  development  tools  in  fields such as embedded systems,  networking,  IT systems and high performance graphic applications. We offer a full range of

software development services, from preliminary project analysis through design, implementation and testing to final integration and product support.


We provide a wide range of software development services. Our experience is based on years of development for dozens of companies with variety of requirements. Monfort operates in a variety of fields including: Mobile application,  Web applications,  Cloud based solutions,  Desktop applications, Embedded Linux & more. 

We have extensive experience with small and large tech companies in the Telecom,  Mobile, Medical  and  Web  fields.

Our solutions are being used successfully around the world by global leaders such as

Mobile Network Operators,Mobile & Hand-Held device manufacturers, Communications & Semi - Conductor technology companies, Medical Devices manufacturers, Software vendors, and others. Among our customers are companies such as: HP, Marvell, Bioness, Galileo, Yappa, Emblaze, Aerotel Medical Systems, Enure Networks, and Go Networks.

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